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New York Blower

*Centrifugal Fans Standard Designs from 50 to 3,000,000 ACFM, 180 WC static pressure
* Direct Drive Fans with broad performance range, including higher temperatures
*Backward Curved Wheel Fans with broad range of flow and pressure capacities
*Rugged Industrial Fans for dirty, sticky, stringy, high solids, corrosive environments
*Pressure Blowers with Surge Limiting wheels up to 80 diameter
*Pressure Blowers with Backward Curved wheels for increased energy efficiency, and lower sound
*FRP fans for broad range of ACFM flow, and pressure capabilities
*VaneAxial Fans with Fixed, and Variable Pitch wheels, full design options
*Plug Fans with high efficiency wheels, high temperature standard designs
* Large & Custom Fan Initiative with new state of the art manufacturing facility
*Custom Fans for very high capacity, high temperatures, special fabrications
*High Alloy Fan Construction: Titanium, Hastelloy, Duplex Stainless Steels
*Fan Repairs, Re-Engineering of existing installations
*Fan Components for OEM applications
*Fan Silencers, Acoustic & therman cladding
*Flexible Connectors
*State of the Art Fan and Air laboratory testing
*Drawings on Demand, to scale and 3D models online, 10 minute response
*Fan to Size fan selections online
Philadelphia Mixing
*“Service All Mixers Program”- unmatched repair capability for ALL mixer brands, in stock Drive Exchange program for most mixer brands, three year warranties available
*No cost, detailed plant surveys to determine downtime criticality, desired process improvements, what is required to yield the lowest possible operating and maintenance costs
*Experienced Application Engineering with CFD studies, largest and most fully equipped mixing test laboratory in the industry
*Top Entering Turbine Mixers designed and manufactured exclusively for demanding mixing duty, cartridge mechanical seal removal
*Side Entering Mixers, heavy duty construction, metal to metal seal shut-off, easy seal maintenance and removal
*Large offering of patented mixing impellers for specific process applications
*Drive Exchange Program for quick response and minimum downtime, all mixer manufacturers
*Inspect & Repair Program to determine what exactly is needed, and no customer obligation
*Industrial wastewater treatment systems, analysis, redesign of existing installations
*PH control using ALL reagents, special expertise with CO2
*Full process guarantees, references from many projects
*Reagent feed & control for scrubber and process applications
*Skid mount and field installation designs to over 5,000 GPM